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Are you vibrant, diligent, honest, flexible and hard working? If you have any of these qualities, please join TJS Recruitment by simply uploading your most recent CV right here on our website. We can help and assist you to find a job suitable for you from cleaning, industrial, catering and construction jobs.

Working Distance

One of the factors we consider when matching our candidates with potential clients is distance; we always try our best to find you a job in your local area. We also take your travel requirements into account to ensure you will never struggle to reach a job.


We book you for jobs based on your schedule, in order for you to be free to work the hours that suit you! When you apply to TJS Recruitment, we will discuss your availability in detail. We will also make sure that your availability and our requirements do not go against the ‘working time directive’ law put in place by the government. This law says that workers do not usually have to work more than 48 hours a week on average, unless they choose to.

Support Team

Our office team is very supportive; they will help you in terms of managing your schedule or arrange more hours for you according to your availability.

They will also make sure that you are happy to work for the clients assigned to you, so that you can quickly understand their requirements and develop a rapport with them in order to make your work easier, enjoyable and productive.

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